New combinations in Nearctic endemic Euphrasia (Orobanchaceae)


  • Galina Gussarova Tromso University Museum, UiT and Department of Botany, Faculty of Biology, St Petersburg State University and CEES, Faculty of Biosciences, UiO



Evolution of locally unique species has been important in Nearctic Euphrasia. Fifty percent of Euphrasia species in the flora of North America are considered endemic. Revision of taxonomic status of infraspecific units of endemic species was carried out while preparing the treatment for the Flora of North America. Two new combinations and changes in rank are proposed here: Euphrasia oakesii Wettst. var. williamsii (B.L. Rob.) Gussarova, comb. & stat. nov. and Euphrasia farlowii (B.L. Rob.) Gussarova, comb. & stat. nov.


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