Struthanthus (Loranthaceae) variation in Venezuela: a numerical approach


  • Aniuzka Kazandjián Centro de Biodiversidad Marina, Laboratorio de Sistemática Molecular, Departamento de Biología de Organismos, Universidad Simón Bolívar



Loranthaceae, Struthanthus, morphometric, numerical analyses, Venezuelan flora


Struthanthus Mart. is a large genus in the Loranthaceae occurring in the New World Tropics. Although 12 species are currently recognized in Venezuela, many herbarium specimens are difficult to positively identify because of the ambiguity of some characters that are used to distinguish species. A multivariate analysis of 144 herbarium specimens based on 17 characters recognized the following 5 groups: S. corymbifer Rizzini, S. gracilis (Gleason) Steyerm. & Maguire, S. phillyreoides (Kunth) Blume, S. syringifolius Mart. and S. terniflorus (Klotzsch) Eichler, plus the discrete S. martianus Dettke & Waechter. A key and descriptions for all species recognized in this analysis for Struthanthus in Venezuela are provided.


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