Additional species for the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico, U.S.A.


  • C.F. Keller Jemez Mountain Herbarium, Los Alamos Nature Center
  • C.T. Martin Jemez Mountain Herbarium, Los Alamos Nature Center
  • T.S. Foxx Jemez Mountain Herbarium, Los Alamos Nature Center
  • N.R. Greiner Jemez Mountain Herbarium, Los Alamos Nature Center



In this paper, we note 161 species and varieties of plants in the Jemez Mountains verified through voucher specimens. These species were not previously listed in the most detailed previous floristic study in this area Floristic Studies in North Central New Mexico, U.S.A. the Tusas Mountains and the Jemez Mountains by Reif et. al. (2009). Most of these specimens are housed in the Jemez Mountain Herbarium (JMH) at the Los Alamos, New Mexico Nature Center. Others are housed in the herbarium at the Museum of Southwestern Biology at the University of New Mexico (UNM), and a few elsewhere as noted (SEINet).

                If this number is added to the total for the Jemez Mountains from Reif’s work, the new total for the Jemez Mountains is 1,504 taxa. These additions include seven new state records, as well as several species not expected in the Jemez Mountains environment and altitude range. Of special interest are the flora of the San Pedro Parks Wilderness in the northwest part of the range, White Rock Canyon along the Rio Grande, and the desert shrublands west of San Ysidro at the extreme southwest part of the Jemez Mountains. For completeness, we include species escaped from cultivation but apparently well established in the wild, and a list of species that have not recurred where they were collected. Finally, there are comments on aspects of Reif et al. (2009).


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