Variation in Linnaea borealis (Linnaeaceae) across North America and Greenland


  • Peter F. Zika WTU Herbarium, University of Washington
  • Gordon C. Tucker EIU Herbarium, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Eastern Illinois University



Three subspecies of Linnaea borealis (Linnaeaceae) are reported from North America. We reviewed the literature and herbarium specimens, and were able to consistently recognize two taxa in the herbarium and in nature. Floral characters distinguish the two subspecies. Linnaea borealis subsp. borealis is widespread across Eurasia, and is common in the Aleutian Islands and mainland Alaska. Linnaea borealis subsp. longiflora is represented in eastern and southeastern Alaska, south to California, and east to the Atlantic and Greenland, and includes plants called subsp. americana. PCA and statistical analyses support the recognition of two infraspecific taxa. Lectotypes are designated for Linnaea borealis var. longiflora and Linnaea borealis var. longiflora forma orientalis. Also, a neotype is chosen for Linnaea americana.


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