Una nueva especie de Virola (Myristicaceae) para Honduras

  • Daniel Santamaría-Aguilar Louisiana State University and Missouri Botanical Garden


A new species for Honduras, Virola sanguinea, which has been confused with V. guatemalensis, is described and illustrated. It differs from the latter by having leaf blades with dendritic trichomes on the underside, staminate flowers with a shorter column of filaments, and larger fruits with thicker pericarp. This new species is for now endemic to Honduras. A key is presented to differentiate the species within the country. The discovery of this new species brings the total number of known Virola species for Honduras to five and 15 for Mesoamerica. Additionally, the first record of V. multiflora for Panama is recorded; this name had been applied previously, but collections identified with that name correspond to a species just described and named as V. fosteri.


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