The discovery of Hydrocotyle bowlesioides (Araliaceae) in Texas (U.S.A.) presented as a landscape weed


  • Matthew P. Shipp Shipp Research, LLC
  • Joe Carrion A-Perm-O-Green Lawn of the Quad Cities, Inc.



We document the first reported identification of Hydrocotyle bowlesioides Mathias & Constance (Araliaceae) in Texas. Chronicled presence in nearby Louisiana within the past ten years lends itself to migration of this species to similar moist, shady habitats of southeastern Texas.


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Shipp, M. P., & Carrion, J. (2022). The discovery of Hydrocotyle bowlesioides (Araliaceae) in Texas (U.S.A.) presented as a landscape weed. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 16(1), 255–260.