Justicia darienensis (Acanthaceae: Justicieae: Justiciinae), a new species endemic to a tropical sky island in Panama


  • Thomas F. Daniel California Academy of Sciences
  • Marjorie G. Vargas P. Universidad de Panamá




Justicia, Central America, Cerro Chucantí, biodiversity hotspot, pollen


A new species, Justicia darienensis T.F. Daniel & M. Vargas P., is described from a biodiverse “hotspot” in an isolated cloud forest of Darién Province in eastern Panama. It is compared to morphologically and palynologically similar species in southern Central America. Justicia darienensis is characterized by a complex inflorescence with heteromorphic (shape and fertility) bracts, white corollas with purple markings on the lower lip, glabrous anther thecae, 4-aperturate pollen, and pubescent capsules. Images of the plant and its pollen are provided.


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