Notes on the Latin names of some gayfeathers and the further New World significance of Thomas Martyn’s edition (1795–1807) of Philip Miller’s Gardeners Dictionary


  • David J. Mabberley University of Oxford
  • Jacek Wajer Natural History Museum



Croton, Ctenodon, Lagerstroemia, Liatris, Meniscium, Piptadenia, Philip Miller, Thomas Martyn, Plants of the coast of Coromandel (Roxburgh)


The nomenclatural significance of Thomas Martyn’s monumental revision (and expansion) of Philip Miller’s Gardeners dictionary, namely Martyn’s puzzlingly neglected The gardener’s and botanist’s dictionary ([1795–]1807), is assessed with particular reference to New World botany. The publication dates of its constituent parts are discussed; a key resource is internal evidence, citation of recently published works, notably Roxburgh’s Plants of the coast of Coromandel, publication dates of which are also made more precise through examination of Royal Society of London records. Besides making more secure currently accepted names in Lagerstroemia (Lythraceae), Liatris (Compositae) and Meniscium (Thelypteridaceae), a number of other additions and corrections to current databases are identified, those affecting currently accepted names being disposed of here. This results merely in a new combination in Ctenodon (Leguminosae) being proposed, though Croton cochinchinensis Martyn may well be an earlier name for C. cascarilloides Raeusch. (Euphorbiaceae), while Mimosa carthagenensis Martyn (Leguminosae) is lectotypified such that it conclusively falls into the synonymy of Piptadenia retusa (Jacq.) P.J. Ribeiro & al. (Leguminosae).


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