Calamagrostis utsutsuensis (Poaceae), a new species endemic to Steens Mountain, Oregon, U.S.A.


  • Barbara L. Wilson Carex Working Group
  • Nick Otting Botany and Plant Pathology Department, Oregon State University
  • Richard E. Brainerd Stonecrop LLC



A reedgrass growing on Steens Mountain, Oregon (U.S.A.), is here described as a species, Calamagrostis utsutsuensis Otting & B.L. Wilson. This plant has been confused with C. purpurascens R. Br., C. koelerioides Vasey, and C. tacomensis K.L. Marr & R.J. Hebda. An identification key is provided to distinguish the Steens Mountain plant from these species and from all other Calamagrostis of the Pacific Northwest and northern Great Basin.


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Wilson, B. L., Otting, N., & Brainerd, R. E. (2019). Calamagrostis utsutsuensis (Poaceae), a new species endemic to Steens Mountain, Oregon, U.S.A. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 13(1), 7–17.