Multivariate morphometric analysis of taxonomic relationships in Eleocharis tenuis (Cyperaceae)


  • Lane D. Gibbons Department of Biology, James Madison University Herbarium
  • Conley K. McMullen Department of Biology, James Madison University Herbarium



Morphology of Eleocharis tenuis is traditionally recognized as being highly variable and delimited only to the level of variety. However, novel morphometric data indicate that the varieties of E. tenuis are unique and well delimited by four of ten characters examined in this study. Furthermore, these unique morphological entities are supported by correlating cytological data. Herein, we treat E. tenuis var. verrucosa at the rank of species, as E. verrucosa, to reflect the evolutionary significance of this entity. We also provide a key to distinguish E. verrucosa from the remaining varieties of E. tenuis.


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