What is Sambucus mexicana (Adoxaceae)?


  • Alan T. Whittemore US National Arboretum




Elder, lectotypification, Haenke


Inconsistent application of the name Sambucus mexicana C. Presl ex DC. has resulted in confusion in the literature and in herbaria. In order to determine the correct application of the name, Presl’s original material (a Haenke collection, made on the Malaspina Expedition) was located and characterized. It matches plants from the area around Monterey, California, where Haenke did much collecting, and clearly differs from Sambucus taxa in other parts of North America. The name S. mexicana must be applied to plants from California and adjacent areas, as has been done by most authors, not to plants from central Mexico, as in a few recent references. A lectotype is designated for the species.


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