Calathea gentryi and C. yawankama (Marantaceae), new species endemic to Amazonian Peru


  • Helen Kennedy UCR Herbarium, Department of Botany and Plant Science, University of California Riverside



Calathea gentryi H. Kenn., and C. yawankama H. Kenn., both endemic to Amazonian Peru, are described as new. Calathea gentryi occurs in Department Loreto in both Maynas and Alto Amazonas Provinces. Calathea gentryi is characterized by all basal leaves, a single, relatively small (4.5–7 × 1–2.5 cm) narrowly ellipsoid to subcylindric inflorescence of 12 to 19 spirally arranged small (1.1–1.5 × 0.9–1.2 cm) bracts, and three bracteoles per flower pair, two lateral, membranous, and a medial, claviculate, one. Calathea gentryi shares a similar habit and inflorescence morphology with C. barbata Peters. and C. schunkei H. Kenn. Calathea yawankama, known only from the type locality in Department Amazonas, is characterized by the relatively broad (length: width ratio 1.15–2.23:1), all basal leaves, leaves with the blades patterned with a light green band along the midrib adaxially, purple abaxially, and small (2–2.5 × 2–2.7 cm), globose, inflorescence of 12 to18 spirally arranged bracts, the presence of claviculate bracteoles and white flowers. Calathea yawankama shares a similar inflorescence morphology with C. compacta S. Suárez & Galeano and C. pearcei Rusby.


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