A taxonomic revision of Gaultheria series Trichophyllae (Ericaceae)


  • Peter W. Fritsch Botanical Research Institute of Texas
  • Lu Lu School of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Yunnan Key Laboratory of Pharmacology for Natural Products, Kunming Medical University




Gaultheria, Ericaceae, Hengduan Shan, Himalaya, taxonomy


The last taxonomic revision of Gaultheria series Trichophyllae (Ericaceae), a clade of high-elevation species endemic to the Himalaya-Hengduan Shan region of east-central Asia, was published in 1941. Since then, a number of new species have been described and other taxonomic changes have occurred in the group, prompting the need for a comprehensive revision. The present treatment of the series comprises 21 species, including Gaultheriabiluoensis, a newly described hybrid between G. crassifolia and G. major. A key to species and species descriptions is provided, and lectotypes are newly designated for G. cardiosepala, G. gonggashanensis, G. marronina, and G. stenophylla.


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