Taxonomic notes on some Styrax (Styracaceae) species from Brazil


  • Peter W. Fritsch Botanical Research Institute of Texas



Bahia, Brazil, endemic, new species, Styrax, synonymy


Taxonomic issues regarding three species of Styrax ser. Valvatae in Brazil are addressed. Styrax bahiensis, a new species from Bahia state, northeastern Brazil, is described and illustrated. It is similar to S. pallidus in its leaves of similar size and anther thecae that exceed the connective, but differs by coriaceous leaf blades with a revolute margin, leaf domatia up to 0.7 mm long and flat or rarely slightly bulging, a yellow- or orange-stellate-tomentulose calyx abaxially, and spreading corolla lobes. The species is known only from the type collection gathered over 50 years ago. Styrax griseus is placed in synonymy under S. kuhlmannii, a species from central Brazil, and a lectotype is provided for S. kuhlmannii. An updated description and estimate of the geographic distribution of S. pauciflorus are provided, as well as a lectotype and conservation assessment for this species.


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