Novelties in neotropical Dilleniaceae

  • Gerardo A. Aymard C. UNELLEZ-Guanare, Programa de Ciencias del Agro y del Mar, Herbario Universitario (PORT)
Keywords: Flora of Colombia, Brazil, Amazonia, Dilleniaceae, Doliocarpus


A new species of Doliocarpus (Dilleniaceae), Doliocarpus putumayensis Aymard from the Porvenir River (affluent of the lower Putumayo River), and the middle Caquetá River in the state of Amazonas was found during the examination of specimens for the Dilleniaceae treatment for the Flora de Colombia. This species is not clearly related to any other Doliocarpus species, however, it shows certain similarities with D. magnificus Sleumer in its leaves size, shape, and the fruit size and pubescence. Nonetheless, P. putumayensis differs in its tertiary venation, inflorescence size, sepal number and shape, anthers glabrous with a connective broadened, and fruit densely adpressed pubescent. An updated key to the species of Doliocarpus of Colombia is provided, and a previously described subspecies from Brazil is elevated to the rank of species (i.e., Doliocarpus brevipedicellatus Garcke subsp. hilarianus Kubitzki to D. hilarianus Aymard).


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