A new species of Ophiocaryon (Sabiaceae) from the Amazonian slope of the eastern Cordillera of Colombia


  • Gerardo A. Aymard C. UNELLEZ-Guanare, Programa de Ciencias del Agro y del Mar, Herbario Universitario (PORT)




Andaquíes, Caquetá, Flora of Colombia, Ophiocaryon, Sabiaceae


Ophiocaryon nicolasii, from the “Camino de los Andaquíes,” in the Amazonian slope of the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia, Caquetá department, is described and illustrated and its morphological relationships with other similar Ophiocaryon species are discussed. This new species is a small tree from the foothills to montane forest (500–1000 m). Morphologically it is related to O. manausense (W.A. Rodrigues) Barneby, but it differs by: smaller leaves, petioles, petiolules, and inflorescences; leaflets with 8–16 secondary veins; leaflets, bracteoles, staminodes and ovary with different shape; margins of sepals erose. Information about the Andakí region and its ancestral inhabitants is presented. An updated key to the species of Ophiocaryon is provided.


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