Additional documented chromosome number determinations in Paysonia (Brassicaceae)


  • Andrew M. Salywon Desert Botanical Garden
  • Jon P. Rebman San Diego Museum of Natural History
  • David A. Dierig Bridgestone Americas Inc., Guayule Research Farm



meiotic chromosome number, Lesquerella, Paysonia, Brassicaceae


Thirteen meiotic chromosome number determinations are reported for seven species of Paysonia O’Kane & Al-Shehbaz (Brassicaceae). Our counts are in agreement with previous published numbers and we make new chromosome number reports for five counties.


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Salywon, A. M. ., Rebman, J. P. ., & Dierig, D. A. . (2021). Additional documented chromosome number determinations in Paysonia (Brassicaceae). Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 15(2), 575–577.