Cortinarius watsoneae, a new species of Agaricomycetes (Cortinariaceae) from the Gulf States


  • David P. Lewis Texas A&M University
  • Joseph F. Ammirati University of Washington
  • Kare Liimatainen Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
  • Tuula Niskanen Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
  • Clark L. Ovrebo University of Central Oklahoma
  • Matthew E. Smith University of Florida
  • Jay Justice
  • Laurel Kaminsky University of Florida



Cortinarius watsoneae, a new species in subgenus Myxacium, sect. Myxacium, is described from pine and mixed pine and hardwood forests from the Gulf States region of North America. It is characterized by the young lamellae that are grayish violet to pale violet, and relatively large basidiospores in comparison to C. mucosus. The ITS sequence is distinct from other members of sect. Myxacium, with 97% similarity to the closest known species, C. collinitus and C. mucosus. The new species is named in honor of the late Geraldine Watson.


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Lewis, D. P., Ammirati, J. F., Liimatainen, K., Niskanen, T., Ovrebo, C. L., Smith, M. E., Justice, J., & Kaminsky, L. (2023). Cortinarius watsoneae, a new species of Agaricomycetes (Cortinariaceae) from the Gulf States. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 17(1), 259–264.