Stenanthium leimanthoides and S. densum (Melanthiaceae) revisited, with the description of two new species


  • Bruce A. Sorrie University of North Carolina Herbarium (NCU), North Carolina Botanical Garden
  • Alan S. Weakley University of North Carolina Herbarium (NCU), North Carolina Botanical Garden



The genus Stenanthium, distributed through much of eastern United States, has previously been circumscribed with four species. Herbarium and field research on Stenanthium densum and S. leimanthoides (Melanthiaceae) support the recognition of two new segregate species, S. macrum and S. tennesseense. Data are presented on morphology, phenology, habitat, and distribution of each of these four species. Selected specimen records, distribution maps, field photographs, and a key to these four species are provided.


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Sorrie , B. A. ., & Weakley, A. S. . (2017). Stenanthium leimanthoides and S. densum (Melanthiaceae) revisited, with the description of two new species. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 11(2), 275–286.

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