Miconia vincentiana (Melastomataceae: Miconieae), a curious endemic to St. Vincent


  • Walter S. Judd Department of Biology & Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida
  • Gretchen M. Ionta Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences, Georgia College & State University




Miconia vincentiana, Miconieae, Melastomataceae, St. Vincent, supernumerary leaflets


The new combination Miconia vincentiana and a detailed description are provided for the species previously known as Clidemia vincentiana, a member of Miconia sect. Sagraea endemic to the island of St. Vincent in the Lesser Antilles. In addition, the curious supernumerary leaflets often borne on the distal portion of the petiole are described. Such structures have not been recorded from any other species of Miconieae.


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Judd, W. S., & Ionta, G. M. . (2017). Miconia vincentiana (Melastomataceae: Miconieae), a curious endemic to St. Vincent. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 11(2), 335–341. https://doi.org/10.17348/jbrit.v11.i2.1073

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