An investigation of Miconia tetrandra (Melastomataceae: Miconieae): Phylogenetic placement and taxonomy


  • Walter S. Judd University of Florida
  • Lucas C. Majure University of Florida



Miconia tetrandra, a morphologically distinctive species restricted to the Caribbean region, is provided with an updated assessment of its phylogenetic position and taxonomy. A detailed description and nomenclatural treatment are provided, along with a consideration of phenology, distribution and habitat, and citation of specimens examined. The species is a member of the Caribbean clade, and it is unusual within Miconia in having flowers with only four stamens (alternating with the petals), with short, obovate, yellow anthers that each open by two large pores. Miconia tetrandra is morphologically quite divergent from, but is likely related to, a clade comprised by M. angustifolia, M. urbanii, and M. biflora, and these three species traditionally have been included within the genus Tetrazygia. In contrast, M. tetrandra usually has been placed within Miconia.


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