Uso del nombre Consolea microcarpa versus Consolea picardae (Cactaceae), para una especie endémica de la Española


  • Lucas C. Majure Department of Research, Conservation and Collections, Desert Botanical Garden
  • Teodoro Clase Departamento de Botánica, Jardín Botánico Nacional de Santo Domingo



Antillas Mayores, Haití, Opuntieae, Opuntioideae, República Dominicana


There exists doubt over the correct name of the endemic Hispaniolan species Consolea microcarpa (K. Schum.) E.F. Anderson. The majority of the most recent publications treating the species use the name C. picardae (Urb.) Areces, a synonym originally put in place to correct a supposed later homonym, O. microcarpa K. Schum. We discuss the correct name that should be used for the species, C. microcarpa, as the earlier name O. microcarpa Engelm. was never formally described and merely represents a provisional name. We also provide a distribution map, notes regarding the morphology and ecology of the species, and a dichotomous key to aid in the identification of the species of Consolea on Hispaniola.


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