Salpinganthium hispaniolanum gen. et sp. nov. (Fabaceae: Detarieae), a mid-Tertiary flower in Dominican amber


  • George O., Jr. Poinar Department of Integrative Biology, Oregon State University
  • Kenton L. Chambers Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University



Salpinganthium hispaniolanum gen. et sp. nov. is described as a new fossil legume from mid-Tertiary forests of Hispaniola. Arborescent legumes of tribe Detarieae previously described from these forests include Hymenaea protera and Prioria dominicana. Flowers of the new genus and species have a bilaterally symmetrical corol-la of five petals, 10 free stamens, an elongate, cylindrical hypanthium, and one or two persistent sepals, the others perhaps being deciduous. The petals are of three markedly different shapes. The pistil is exserted from the hypanthium and is densely hirsute. The bracteoles, sepals, and petals are gland-dotted, as is appropriate for members of the resin-producing Detarieae of subfamily Detarioideae.


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